Residential Solar Installation Financing Options

HERO Program (Renovate America)

HERO Program (Renovate America)

Financing from 5-25 Years

YgreneWorks Program

YgreneWorks Program

Financing from 5-30 Years

Pont Loma Credit Union (PLCU)

Pont Loma Credit Union (PLCU)

Financing from 5-15 Years

HERO Program (Renovate America)

Zero Down Solar is proud to be an accredited solar contractor with the HERO Program. We can walk you through the process of applying for and receiving the funding for your own solar system and energy installation today! For more information on the HERO Program visit

The purpose of Zero Down Solar's energy partnership with the HERO Program is to make solar financing quick, easy, and accessible.

Zero Down Solar has low promotional rates for HERO loans with 5-25 Year Options available.

  • HERO uses a community program called Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE).
  • PACE solar loans are based primarily on the equity in your home - not your personal credit score.
  • You can qualify for solar loans of up to 15% of your home's value.
  • With the HERO Program, you pay back your solar loans as a line item on your property taxes. Easy.
  • HERO is not a government program.


Ygrene Energy Fund's award winning YgreneWorks program provides 100% no money down PACE financing for energy efficiency, renewable energy and water conservation improvements to your home or business.

With YgreneWorks, you can lower your utility bills and increase your comfort while reducing greenhouse gas emissions in your city.

  • Payments are conveniently made through your property tax bills.
  • Eligibility is based on the equity in your property (among other factors), not on your credit score, proof of employment, income or financial statements.
  • Payments can be deferred for up to 30 months.
  • YgreneWorks is not a government program.

Point Loma Credit Union

Offering Zero Down Energy Efficiency & Solar Loans: PLCU makes going solar easy by offering low rates on Solar and Energy Efficiency Loans. Solar Loans - Rate as low as 5.49%APR* and borrow up to $55,000.

The monthly payments for a 15-year solar loan are almost always lower than those of a 20-year lease or PPA. How much lower depends on whether your solar loan is secured or unsecured- SDMCU offers multiple financing options.

  • This is not a Solar lease, PLCU provides excellent unsecured energy loans. You own the solar panels with the help of a solar mortgage.
  • A full financial analysis of leasing vs. financing always shows that a cash purchase or finance to own is in their best long-term financial interest
  • Keep state rebates, federal credits, SRECs, in your pocket
  • No escalators
  • You own the solar system from Day 1, and after your solar mortgage is paid in full you will be able to enjoy the freedom from the energy payments for decades

Upfront Cash or Credit Solar Purchase

Zero Down Solar also offers installation with the traditional cash, credit or financed options. Solar panel system owners are eligible for a solar investment tax credit (ITC) equal to 30 percent of the cost of the system upon installation. Many states also have additional rebates and incentives like Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) available, and the interest paid on secured loans can also be tax deductible.

If you install solar panels with a solar loan, you are the system owner, which comes with additional financial benefits and responsibilities. The question of whether you want to pay cash, take out a loan, or lease your solar panels is dependent on your preferences, needs, and financial goals.

If you sign a solar lease or PPA, you are “renting” the solar panel system from the solar financing company that owns it (not from Zero Down Solar, the installer).



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*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates and terms are effective 07/01/2017 and are subject to change without notice. Rate stated includes a 0.25% discount for automatic payments. All loans are subject to credit approval. Other rates and terms are available. Restrictions and conditions may apply. Property must be single family home or multi-family property (1-4 units) owned by applicant. Membership in METRO, including payment of a one-time membership fee, is required.