Premium Peimar solar panels from Zero Down Solar



Zero Down Solar uses 300 Watt Peimar solar panels which have just been classified as ‘PREMIUM’  by  ENERGY SAGE which is a respected authority for the solar industry.

Only 6 panels have the ‘Premium’ status, and we are very pleased that the quality of Peimar panels has been recognized.

Here is what Energysage says:

How can you determine which of these top companies’ panel models offer the right combination of price and quality for your needs? To solve this problem, EnergySage developed a proprietary rating system for solar panels that helps you make sense out of the many options available on the market today. To do this, we combed through the detailed technical specifications for every panel manufactured by the most popular companies on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace. In total, we assessed nearly a thousand panel models. Learn More

And here is more on Peimar:

Peimar Group is a specialized company involved in the design, research, and production of high-efficiency solar modules. The company was founded in 2007 by two young and charismatic entrepreneurs, who dreamed of establishing an internationally oriented solar company. Over time the company has gained a lot of experience in the field, succeeding in both quickly taking root at a national level, and expanding its activities at an international level too.

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