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How Solar Is Conquering The Grid

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Certain industries are better suited than others for solar energy.

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10 massive corporations going big on solar power

The impact of corporate solar is significant. Read more to find out which corporations are going solar on CNBC’s article by clicking the link below: Read Article

California Becomes First State to Order Solar on New Homes

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A bill has been introduced that would remove the tariffs on solar that were recently set in place

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Will the solar movement be impeded by the solar tariff imposed by President Trump in January?

Amazon is shooting for the sun and is about to rev up one of California’s biggest solar rooftop systems that spreads 23 rooftop-acres. It’s a microcosm of the trend sweeping across corporate America. But is this wave more powerful than current federal policies and especially the just-imposed solar tariffs? Eco-minded businesses, in fact, have led

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Premium Peimar solar panels from Zero Down Solar

  Zero Down Solar uses 300 Watt Peimar solar panels which have just been classified as ‘PREMIUM’  by  ENERGY SAGE which is a respected authority for the solar industry. Only 6 panels have the ‘Premium’ status, and we are very pleased that the quality of Peimar panels has been recognized. Here is what Energysage says:

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SDGE Time Of Use Rates to Become Compulsory from March 31 2018

SDGE will move all rate plans to Time of Use SDGE will move all rate plans to Time of Use and have already changed the peak hours for TOU rates to 4pm-9pm. And SDGE will start making TOU rates compulsory for all post solar applications after March 31 2018. Solar users now have the ability

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San Diego Solar Net Metering Changes

  SDG&E is expecting the first phase of Residential Default TOU rate rollout to begin in early 2018 with full implementation completed in 2019. With certain limited exceptions, default TOU rates will be applicable to all residential customers, including customers receiving service under Schedule NEM, that are not covered by TOU Period Grandfathering. The original

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Keep in Mind if you are Planning to Buy Solar San Diego

If you are planning to buy solar San Diego, or already have solar panels in San Diego, then the new TOU hours/rates may affect you.  The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved new Time-of-Use (TOU) periods for SDG&E’s electric rates that will become effective for customers on December 1, 2017. TOU Period Grandfathering permits eligible

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